Clinical Fridge with Freezer Combo

With the growing emphasis on proper storage of laboratory and pharmaceutical materials, Panasonic’s MPR-215F-PA refrigerator with freezer combines high performance refrigeration control and monitoring systems with energy efficient and cost-effective cabinet design. Separate refrigeration systems and compressors allow you to maintain proper temperature uniformity while saving space for even the smallest of facilities.

    Main Features:

  • Superb Temperature Uniformity with Forced Air Circulation
  • Separate Refrigeration Systems
  • Microprocessor Controls
  • Sample Security Design
  • Temperature Controls and Sensors
  • Validated Storage

Biomedical Refrigerators and Freezers Application Specific Preservation

The MPR Series of biomedical refrigerators with freezer combos bring together Panasonic’s high performance refrigeration systems and microprocessor controls, alarm and monitoring sensors, and superbly engineered ergonomic and cost-effective cabinet design. Useful for a variety of applications, the MPR series is most popular amongst clinicians and researchers for vaccine storage. Variation in temperature and failure to follow proper storage and monitoring requirements can drastically affect the efficacy of vaccines resulting in millions of dollars of wasted product.

Vaccine Storage Requirements

  • Maintain required temperature range throughout the year
  • Separate doors for refrigerator and freeze
  • Large enough to hold year’s largest vaccine inventory
  • Dedicated to biological samples

Key Advantages of MPR Series for Vaccine Storage

• Accurate temperature sensors maintain a set temperature within 2°C to 8°C (refrigerator) and -20°C to -30°C (freezer) temperature range

• Refrigerator evaporator operates at above freezing temperatures, therefore reducing the need for defrost

• Alarms and temperature monitoring for quick notification of adverse operating conditions

• Fan-forced air circulation for precise temperature uniformity in the refrigerator

• Minimal fluctuations and efficient temperature recovery properties

Separate Refrigeration Systems

Separate refrigeration systems and compressors allow differential control of individual refrigerator and freezer compartments, allowing freezer section to maintain temperatures as low as -30°C

Validated Storage

MaleandFemaleresearcher2 MPR refrigeration systems are designed with the safety of the stored product in mind and meets regulatory guidelines for vaccine and biologicals.

  • Ideal biologic storage environment for precise control and superior temperature uniformity
  • Microprocessor controller and interior forced air circulation
  • Safe and secure storage including key and lock
  • Integrated alarm functions, remote alarm contacts and monitoring

Microprocessor Controls

All MPR Series include comprehensive set-point, alarm, monitoring and diagnostic functions based on a microprocessor controller with digital display of all input and output functions.

Cycle Defrost

Unique cycle defrost (refrigerator only) initiates only as required and maintains internal temperature uniformity without fluctuation that may be caused by defrost cycles.   TesttubeswithResearcher

AIR TEMPERATURE UNIFORMITY+/- 3°C (for 2°C to 14°C in the Refrigerator) | +/- 5°C (for -20°C to -30°C in the Freezer)EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS (W X F-B X H)21.3” x 21.9” x 70.5” (540 x 557 x 1790 mm)
EFFECTIVE CAPACITYRefrigerator: 6.2 cu. ft. (176 liters) | Freezer: 1.4 cu. ft. (39 liters)EXTERIOR FINISHPolyester resin finish baked on zinc galvanized steel
INTERIOR FINISHRefrigerator: Styrene Resin | Freezer: Colored Aluminum PlateINSULATIONCFC-Free rigid polyurethane foamed in place
NET WEIGHT190 lbs. (86 kg.)TEMPERATURE CONTROLMicroprocessor L.E.D. Display
COOLING METHODRefrigerator: Fan-Forced Air Circulation | Freezer: Direct Cooling (manual defrost)ENERGY CONSUMPTION2.86 kWh/Day (At 5°C in the refrigerator and -20°C in the freezer)
REFRIGERANTR-134A (HFC)SHELVESRefrigerator: 3 (44 lbs. per shelf) | Freezer: 1 (22 lbs. per shelf)
ALARMS AND SAFETYHigh/low temperature alarm, Door ajar alarm, Memory back-up during power failure, Self-diagnostics, Remote alarm contacts (N.O./N.C., DC30V, 2A), Door lock with keyCASTERS4 Casters with 2 adjustable leveling feet
ACCESS PORT33 mm (left) for both refrigerator and freezer sectionsVOLTAGE115V / NEMA 5-15