Large Capacity Laboratory Refrigerators

The MPR-1411 is a large capacity laboratory refrigerator, which offers a stable and reliable environment for carrying out clinical, pharmaceutical and industrial research at uniform temperatures. A user friendly design and flexible temperature range allows for application in various laboratory procedures, including chromatography and pharmaceutical storage.

    Main Features:

  • Unique Defrost Cycle
  • Uniformity with Forced Air Circulation
  • Efficient and Powerful Refrigeration System
  • Safety and Alarm Features
  • CFC-Refrigerant and Insulation
  • Design Versatility

Laboratory Refrigerator vs. Domestic Refrigerator

It is common knowledge that biological samples should be stored in stable conditions below ambient temperature and have superb environmental control. Domestic refrigerators often have imprecise temperature control and suffer from several drawbacks:

  • Temperature varies each time the door is opened, with slow recovery.
  • Temperature rises during defrost cycle, putting samples at risk.
  • Defrost Cycles are often based on time with no sensory feedback of actual interior temperature conditions.
  • Cabinet temperature is easily affected by ambient temperatures, with risk of contents freezing if ambient temperature drops below 0°C.
  • Temperature configuration by dial is inaccurate, with no digital temperature indication.

Panasonic has engineered solutions for all these problems into its laboratory-grade refrigerators, which comply to the needs of hospitals and research facilities around the world.

Unique Defrost Cycle

In the range of 4°C, frost build-up on the evaporator is inevitable, affecting the performance of the heat exchanger. However, Panasonic has solved this problem with a cycle defrost and evaporator temperature sensor system. This system runs automatically so there is no need to turn off power for defrosting.

Safety and Alarm Features

These refrigerators are fitted with warning systems, including alarms and flashing indicators to indicate high or low temperature fluctuations. The easily accessible front control panel displays actual temperatures on an LED screen with intuitive touch pad settings, making operation simple. Door locks are standard on all units to safeguard valuable contents.

Temperature Uniformity with an Efficient and Powerful Refrigeration System

For frequent door openings, Panasonic’s MPR series refrigerators are equipped with powerful, hermetically sealed compressors. These purpose-built compressors ensure superior pull-down characteristics and precise temperature control.

SHELVES8 (565w x 604d mm)TEMPERATURE RANGE2°C to 23°C temperature range, adjustable by 1°C increments
DEFROST SYSTEMForced type (cycle defrost system). Fully automatic hot pipe for automatic evaporation of chain water.VOLUME48.2 cu.ft (1364 liters)
EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS56.7” x 32.7” x 76.8” 1440 x 830 x 1950 mmINTERIOR DIMENSIONS52.0” x 28.0” x 59.1” 1320 x 710 x 1500 mm
NET WEIGHT546.7 lbs. (248 kg.)DOORDouble, swinging, self closing
ENERGY CONSUMPTION8.59 kWh/Day (5°C at 23°C ambient temperature)TEMPERATURE CONTROL UNIFORMITY DEVIATIONMicroprocessor controlled
ACCESS PORT3 x 30 mm (2 in sides, 1 in cabinet top)ALARMS AND SAFETYHigh temperature protection circuit, low temperature protection circuit, temperature lock, self diagnostics, memory backup (nonvolatile memory)