VIP® Series

-86°C Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers 

Panasonic VIP® ultra-low temperature freezers represent the industry’s most complete combination of refrigeration, control, alarm configuration, monitoring and accessibility for product safety at -86°C. World-renowned for its reliability, energy savings, and performance, the VIP® Series is ideal for material storage in repositories, hospitals, clinics and medical research facilities.

    Main Features:

  • Proven Reliability
  • Patented VIP® PLUS Vacuum Insulation Panel
  • Optimum Performance
  • Microprocessor Alarms and Controls
  • Panasonic Heat Exchanger Design Increases Energy Efficiency
  • New Cascade Cooling System
  • Quiet Operation

Patented VIP® PLUS Vacuum Insulation Panel Technology


Combination of multiple high-performance vacuum panels with high-density foam insulation achieves thin-wall profile for maximum interior volume in a compact footprint. Increase in the R-factor improves temperature recovery after door openings.

  • Cellular freezer construction of vacuum panels and polyurethane foam provides structural stability and the highest insulation values required for extreme temperature differential between the ambient and interior chamber.
  • Independent panels are vacuum sealed, open-cell foam substrate enclosed within a barrier film; the substrate matrix strengthens the panel and eliminates hollow areas.
  • Lamination of multiple insulation components creates an effective R-value-to-volume coefficient that reduces wall thickness by nearly 50% over conventional ultra-low techniques.
  • Down flow evaporator coils are helium leak-tested and encased against the interior surfaces for efficient heat exchange.
  • All components are CFC-free for environmental protection.

Microprocessor Controls

Comprehensive set point, alarm, monitoring and diagnostic functions supervised by Panasonic-built microprocessor controller with digital display of all critical functions.

Inner Doors Improve Uniformity

Easy-In/Easy-Out Panasonic “Eagle Beak” inner door latches feature ergonomic design to seal firmly against the cabinet with one hand. High-strength, sealing, insulated inner doors help minimize change in interior temperatures during routine door openings.


Panasonic Heat Exchanger Design Increases Energy Efficiency

By increasing the efficiency of the heat exchanger through an improved new design incorporating more surface area contact at critical points in the refrigeration system, we are able to improve the overall efficiency and reduce compressor running time. This along with other improvements to heat exchange in the refrigeration system translates to a substantial increase in energy efficiency.

Benefits of an Energy Efficient Heat Exchanger:

  • Maximized surface area for heat exchange
  • Optimum heat transfer between the high and low stage
  • Reduced stress on compressor
  • Increased efficiency of the refrigeration system
  • Greater energy savings and improved system reliability

Green Technology

Panasonic is conscious of the need to protect our environment GreenHandsand conserve energy. As a corporate pioneer in life science laboratory equipment and appliances, and as a global source of solutionsranging from energy management to solar power and alternative energies, Panasonic remains committed to providing the best possible laboratory equipment for research and clinical needs. We are the first ultra-low freezer manufacturer to employ non-HCFC R508 low-stage refrigerant, now recognized as today’s industry standard and widely available. This non-proprietary refrigerant is available to refrigeration service professionals on the open market. The high stage refrigeration system is available to refrigeration professionals on the open market as well.


Inner Door Options

The center shelf forms the base of a convenient and flexible inventory system using conventional racks with boxes, microplates or other storage protocols. Stainless steel shelf and insulated inner-door combinations create choices of interior compartments that can be arranged for long-term, low access biologicals or short-term, frequently accessed material.


  • Easy-In / Easy Out Panasonic Eagle inner door latches feature ergonomic design to seal firmly against the cabinet with one hand.
  • High strength, insulated inner doors help minimize change in interior temperatures during routine door openings.
  • Additional half-door configuration permit additional inner door orientations. Half doors are available in pairs only.

Inventory Management

The concept of high density storage is enabled by advances in Panasonic’s Cool Safe compressor design. The cost per 2″ box of interior storage space is significantly lower in a Panasonic ultra-low freezer, generating immediate return on investment based on first costs, operating costs and maintenance costs over time. Additionally, the placement of evaporator surfaces within the cabinet walls achieve exceptional documented ultra-low temperature uniformity, thereby permitting investigators more freedom in placing valuable cell lines and biologicals within the interior cabinet, and assuring uniform cell viability when harvesting products from the ultra-low archive. Because benefits of the Panasonic Cool Safe compressor design extend to evaporator tubing surrounding the interior chamber, and the interior chamber is part of the thin-wall composite based on the patented VIP® vacuum insulation panel cabinet, the VIP freezer offers more usable storage volume within the same square foot of floor space than competitive models.

ELECTRICAL, 60HZ115V, AC, 20 amp (VA Models)EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS (W X F-B X H)39.8” x 34.4” x 78.3” (1010 x 870 x 1990 mm)
INTERIOR DIMENSIONS (W X F-B X H)34.2” x 23.6” x 55.1” (870 x 600 x 1400 mm)AREA FOOTPRINT (NOMINAL)9.51 sq.ft. (0.88 m2)
VOLUME25.7 cu.ft. (728 liters)NET WEIGHT (EMPTY)794 lbs. (360 kg.)
STORAGE2”/ 51 mm boxes: 576 3”/76 mm boxes: 384STORAGE (RACKS) FOR 2” FIBERBOARD BOXES24 (each rack is 6 boxes high x 4 boxes deep)
STORAGE (RACKS) FOR 3” FIBERBOARD BOXES24 (each rack is 4 boxes high x 4 boxes deep)INSULATED INNER DOORSteel-framed, high impact plastic with foam-in place insulation
INNER DOOR CONFIGURATION2 (4 optional)SHELVESStainless steel, 3 Shelves
ACCESS PORT17mm diameter, 3 locations (back, bottom left corners)