Twin Guard® Series

The Panasonic Twin Guard® Series satisfies an industry demand for safe, long-term storage for the most high-valued materials. Two, independent refrigeration systems offer a circle of protection unmatched in the marketplace. Developed for use with conventional inventory racks and boxes, the Twin Guard Series is ideal for stem cell storage, embryo storage or acting as an embryo freezer, cell lines storage, and other rare specimens.

    Main Features:

  • 2X Security - Dual Compressor Technology
  • VIP® PLUS Insulation
  • Superior Temperature Uniformity of +/-5ºC
  • Improved Storage Capacity
  • Upto 10% more Energy Efficient
  • Intelligent LCD Display
  • Alarms and Monitoring

Dual Compressor Technology – Protection for the Unexpected graph2

Twin Guard® Series freezers
 house a second, independent compressor system.

The two compressors work together in normal mode, but if one fails the other  can maintain ultra-low temperatures for an extended period of time.

Superior Temperature Uniformity for Long-Term Storage graph1

VIP® PLUS thin wall construction - Patented panel design with specific compressors for ultra low application result in unmatched uniformity that surpass the strictest protocols, no matter where your samples are stored within the unit.



Energy Efficient Design 

graph3Energy Saving EcoMode - Twin Guard® Series Freezers feature an innovative EcoMode operation setting. Recommended for 90-95% of applications, EcoMode utilizes the unique 2 compressor setup of the freezer to operate more efficiently. Overlapping run cycles reduce energy consumption by as much as 10% while maintaining superior temperature uniformity. 

MORE BOXES, LESS WATTS: Patented panel design optimizes interior volume in the smallest footprint possible, which means increased storage capacity per square foot of floor space.

Control & Monitoring 

photoBoth refrigeration systems, including compressors and fan motors are background monitored for performance. Setpoint, alarm and programmable inputs are controllable through LCD display Suitable for applications requiring temperatures as high as -50°C


TEMPERATURE SETPOINT RANGE-50°C to -86°C-86 DUAL°COOL (BOTH COMPRESSORS)-86°C (ambient temperature 30°C)
SINGLE SYSTEM COOLING PERFORMANCE (INDEFINITE)> -65°C (ambient temperature 30°C)CABINET INSULATIONPatented VIP® PLUS composite wall, energy savings.
EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS (W X F-B X H)39.8” x 34.3” x 79.1” (1010 x 870 x 2010 mm)INTERIOR DIMENSIONS (W X F-B X H)34.3" x 23.6" x 55.1" (870 x 600 x 1400 mm)
ENERGY CONSUMPTION19.6 kWh/Day (-800C setpoint, 200C ambient temperature)VOLUME25.7 cu.ft. (728 liters)
SHELVES3,adjustable, stainless steel (4 compartments)VACUUM RELEASE PORTStandard, Manual
AREA FOOTPRINT (NOMINAL)9.51 sq.ft. (0.88 m2)STORAGE2”/ 51 mm boxes: 576 3”/76 mm boxes: 384
STORAGE (RACKS) FOR 2” FIBERBOARD BOXES24 ( When each rack is 6 boxes high x 4 boxes deep)STORAGE (RACKS) FOR 3” FIBERBOARD BOXES24 ( When each rack is 3 boxes high x 4 boxes deep)
ELECTRICAL, 60HZ208/230V NEMA 6-15DATA MANAGEMENTInternal data log with log file memory.
WEIGHT383 kgALARMSHigh/Low temperature, door ajar, power failure, remote alarm contact, part replacement notification, fan motor lock, individual cooling circuit check, LabAlert - Optional.
ACCESS PORTDiameter = 0.5”/17mm; 3 locationsCONTROLLERPanasonic microprocessor-based, doormounted control with alphanumeric LCD information center


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