VIP® Chest Series

-80°C Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Chest Freezers 

The MDF-C8V1 boasts a powerful VIP® PLUS insulation panel that maximizes storage capacity while keeping temperatures consistently uniform. The uniquely engineered single-compressor system provides higher energy efficiency and more savings annually, all within an ergonomic and compact design.

    Main Features:

  • VIP® PLUS Insulation Technology
  • Proven Reliability
  • Energy Savings
  • Optimized Design and Performance
  • Safety and Alarm Features
  • Consistent Temperature Uniformity of +/-5ºC

Superior Temperature Uniformity with Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP)

Panasonic’s most advanced insulation, VIP PLUS®, is thinner than conventional insulation systems, and achieves greater storage capacity all while providing superior temperature uniformity throughout the interior chamber. Use of the VIP material on the front, left, and right sides enables a smaller installation space with exceptional storage capacity to footprint ratio. With the newly developed single-compressor system that also features a noise-abasement function, the MDF-C8V1 ensures temperature uniformity at -80ºC throughout the entire chamber.

Green Benefits and Technologyfemaleresearcher2

With the unique VIP insulation, the MDF-C8V1 achieves 40% higher energy conservation than conventionally insulated models, and also minimizes the carbon footprint on the environment. With the smaller footprint, you can also have more flexibility with your lab space configuration. The new technology also emits less heat into your laboratory, minimizing air conditioning costs.

Safety and Alarm Features

The MDF-C8V1 comes with comprehensive set-point, alarm, monitoring and diagnostic functions based on a Panasonic-built microprocessor controller with digital LED display. An alarm lamp and buzzer offer secure warning of power failure or abnormal temperature fluctuations. High and low temperature warnings also provide an audible and visual alarm when the temperature deviates more than ±5°C to ±20°C (adjustable) from the set point. An alarm ring back function ensures that the buzzer will resume operation should alarm conditions continue after being silenced.

TEMPERATURE RANGE-60°C to -80°C (-1°C increments)MAXIMUM COOLING PERFORMANCE-80°C (Ambient temp. 30°C)
ELECTRICAL, 60 Hz115V, AC, 20ampEXTERIOR DIMENSIONS21.6” x 27.0” x 37.2” (550 x 685 x 945 mm)
INTERIOR DIMENSIONS15.9” x 19.3” x 16.7” (405 x 490 x 425 mm)VOLUME3.0 cu.ft. (84 liters)
NET WEIGHTApprox. 148lbs (67kg.)STORAGE2”/ 51 mm boxes: 42 3”/76 mm boxes: 30 3”/76 mm boxes: 30
STORAGE (RACKS) FOR 2” FIBERBOARD BOXES6 (7 boxes deep with locking rod)STORAGE (RACKS) FOR 3” FIBERBOARD BOXES24 (each rack is 4 boxes high x 4 boxes deep)
ALARMSHigh/low temp, Power failure, Filter check, Battery check. Optional LabAlertAREA FOOTPRINT (NOMINAL)4.05 sq.ft.