-150°C Cryogenic Freezer

An Ideal Cryogenic Environment with VIP® Plus Design

Panasonic VIP® PLUS Cryogenic Series -150°C ultra-low temperature freezer offers superior performance in insulating properties providing unsurpassed uniformity in the chamber, from top-to-bottom, side-to-side and front-to-back.

    Main Features:

  • Panasonic VIP® PLUS insulation technology
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Economical alternative to LN2 storage
  • Microprocessor temperature control
  • Panasonic design compressors
  • Environmentally friendly

femaleresearcher3Temperature Uniformity for Long-Term Storage

±5°C uniformity in a mechanically refrigerated design promotes better top-to bottom uniformity than liquid nitrogen vapor-phase storage, without the concern of cross-contamination often associated with liquid nitrogen liquid phase storage.

Microprocessor Temperature Control

The temperature inside the freezer can be set and monitored easily by means of precise microprocessor temperature control with an LCD graphic display.


Panasonic designed compressors specifically for cryogenic temperature applications provide superior performance and unsurpassed uniformity throughout the chamber.


icemountainInnovative Control and Monitoring

The temperature inside the freezer can be set and monitored easily by means of precise microprocessor temperature control with an LCD graphic display. The controller utilizes a platinum RTD sensor which is extremely precise and durable.

Economical vs. LNStorage

The benefits of mechanical freezer preservation:

  • eliminated LN2 consumption,
  • less worry over safety concerns
  • reduction in cost of ownership
  • minimized chance of cross-contamination, among stored samples in supercooled air.

TesttubeswithResearcherSecurity and Alarms 

Status Alerts monitor ambient and system conditions continuously and notifies of any abnormalities before a problem can occur. In case of power failure or an irregular rise in temperature, a rechargeable high-capacity and battery-operated indicator lamp and alarm will be activated.

Built-in LN2 Backup

An LN2 backup system is standard to prepare for any contingency. The built-in LN2 back-up system is self activated, in the event of a power outage. This feature helps ensure that the contents will be protected in the event of any power failure or mechanical trouble.


Temperature Range-125 °C to -150 °C (1 °C Increments)Max Cooling Performance-150 °C (ambient temperature 30 °C)
Uniformity+/-5°C at -150°C (empty chamber, ambient temperature 24°C)Volume8.2 cu.ft. (231 liters)
Exterior Dimensions68.1" x 30.1" x 39.8"(w x f-b x h)(1730 x 765 x 1010 mm)
Interior Dimensions29.9" x 19.5" x 24.2"(w x f-b x h)(760 x 495 x 615 mm )
Net WeightApprox. 716.5 lbs (325 kg)Access Port40mm diameter, 1 location
RefrigerantsCFC FreePower Requirements208V-230V, 1 phase, 60Hz NEMA 6-15R (15 Amp) Receptacle
Storage2" / 51 mm boxes: 480 3"/76 mm boxes: 384Storage (Racks) For 2" Fiberboard Boxes15 (10 boxes deep with locking rod)
Storage (Racks) For 3" Fiberboard Boxes15 (7 boxes deep with locking rod)Alarms High/Low temperature, power failure, filter check, self diagnosis, lid check
RefrigerantsCFC free