Active Background Control

Completes in just 3 hrs compared to 12-24 hrs for high heat sterilization

IR2 Sensor

Utilizes a ceramic heater instead of flashing bulbs or chopper motors.


Provides natural germicidal protection without rust or corrosion

Is your Incubator
Scalable for your Experiments?

Panasonic’s large capacity incubator has the capacity and flexibility to grow with your culturing needs while providing precise temperature, humidity and CO2 control.

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InCu-saFe forms an integral germicidal barrier against airborne contaminants and helps eliminate mold, spores and other contaminating spills while providing a noncorrosive environment

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SafeCell UV

SafeCell UV protection is employed to decontaminate the humidifying water reservoir and help reduce the possibility of contaminants. The unit can be set to both nominal (above 0% RH) and high humidity setpoints (above 90% RH

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Optimum Protection for large capacity incubators
Uniform Environment
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Infrared CO2 Sensor

The IR CO2 sensor with P.I.D. microprocessor control and forced air circulation system delivers fast CO2 recovery characteristics.

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Horizontal Laminar Airflow system

The reach-in incubator’s cross shelf directed air flow system promotes optimum temperature uniformity throughout the chamber and contributes to quick temperature recovery after door openings

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Consistent Environment in your Incubator

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