Active Background Control

Completes in just 3 hrs compared to 12-24 hrs for high heat sterilization

SafeCell UV

Optional ultraviolet sterilization for improved regulated environments


Provides active and natural germicidal protection without rust or corrosion

CytoGROW Compact Series

The Panasonic Large Capacity Cell Culture CO2 incubator has the capacity and flexibility to grow with your culturing needs while providing a precise and repeatable environment

Uniform Environment
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InCu-saFe Interior

Superior contamination control with an anti-bacterial copper alloy stainless steel interior that offers germicidal protection while providing a non-corrosive environment

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Zirconia O2 Control

For Multigas CytoGrow Compact incubator, a solid zirconia oxygen sensor maintains sub-ambient O2 levels with high degree of precision. It has a long service life and has fast response to door openings

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Consistent Humidity

The patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket System eliminates the need for a conventional water jacket system, while achieving temperature stability, uniformity and fast recovery following door openings

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SafeCell UV

Patented SafeCell UV technology uses a programmable ultraviolet lamp that sterilizes air and the humidity water pan without affecting the cell cultures Optional

image description Stable and Consistent Environment in the Incubator image description
Interior Capacity
MCO-5AC-PA image description
MCO-5M-PA image description

Flexible Interiors

Multiple chamber inner doors minimize loss of balanced interior atmosphere during routine door openings. Available on select models

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Multiple Chamber Inner Doors Design
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Stacking Design

The CytoGrow cabinet is designed for stacking, allowing one unit to be positioned on top of another, doubling interior volume without additional floor space

The low profile cabinet with door-mounted control panel permits easy access and display viewing

image description P.I.D. Control Sophistication

Proportional, integral and derivative infrared CO2 control accelerates recovery and prevents overshoot

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High Performance in vitro Modeling

Stable temperature, humidity and CO2 density are achieved through a combination of performance systems supervised by a centralized microprocessor controller complete with alarm, programming, calibration and diagnostic protocols exportable to remote database


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